Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Training...the story so far

Assalamu Alaikum!

After deciding I wanted to take part in the challenge I needed to get myself some proper kit. Although I did have a mountain bike I had not cycled for the best part of two years and even when I did ride it was only a mile to work so nothing major.

I put my mountain bike up for sale and and it went within a few days alhamdullilah. I went out and purchased a more suitable bike...a Carrera Virtuosso...see pic-->

This bike is a lot lighter and definately made going up hills easier! We have done four weekends including the one one just gone:

  1. Week 1 - Leamington - 16 mile round trip but with one big hill on route!

  2. Week 2 Leamington /Warwick around 20 miles - I managed to hit some good speed going down a hill so that was good fun!

  3. This was a long ride we did about 40-41 miles in total. Everything was going ok until I got back into Coventry where I was about half a mile from home and I got a cramp in my leg...Ouch! I had to jump off quickly and wait for the muscle to relax before jumping on and cycling slowly home! Alhamdullilah its all conditioning!!!

  4. Week 4 - Rugby 26 miles - This was a nice ride though many hills

  5. Week 5 in the next update ...watch this space

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