Sunday, 16 May 2010

Training Saturday 15th May and Sunday 16th May

Assalamu Alaikum

Just a quick update on this weeks training progress:

Saturday 15th

Me and one other brother Saleh did a a quick blast over to Leamington. We aimed to beat the time it took us the week before. Alhamudillilah we managed to get to the centre of Leamington in 47 mins covering 16KM (last week this took me 50 mins) and on the way back it took us 52 mins (last week this took 60 mins. I think there is more uphills on the way back whereas on the way to Leamington there is only one siginifcant hill which does take a lot of effort to get up!

Sunday 16th

We started at 5.30 am and met the rest of the group at the usual location....the lead riders house! We set off heading towards Rugby and then went on to Princethorpe. Here I managed to come to a stop and forgetting to take my feet out of the pedal holders ended up falling over much to the amusement of the rest of the group.. no major injuries to report but know for next time!!!

Funnily enough only 20 meters from were I had fallen over, one of the other riders in the group decided to jump off the road due to a lorry coming close behind and ended landing on wet grass and landing on his back! Alhamdullilah no major injury either but his front wheel lost all its air pressure. Unfortunately, with no spares on us it was a case of calling out a taxi and saying farewell to our fallen comrade!!

From there we cycled on towards Cubbington then onto Stonleigh and thereon back into Coventry. We did around 3 hours but some of that was "down time" literally!!!

We are planning to do a 70 mile ride in the next few weekends so inshallah request for duas..